What Russell Ductile Offer

Operating from a 6.5 acre site in Scunthorpe, Russell Ductile Castings manufacture low to medium volumes of specialised castings in a variety of cast iron types and grades.



Our grades are ranging from 10kg to 7,000kg. Industrial applications such as power generation, oil and gas, pumps and valves, steel production, railways and construction throughout the world are serviced from our site. Our steel foundry can produce steel castings in weights from 10kg – 1,000kg. Often, these castings are destined for the Waste to Energy, Construction and Utilities industries. We aim to provide the most appropriate and cost effective results for our clients by utilising a full range of pattern equipment, from wood, poly patterns and 3D printed cores and moulds.

Technical Capabilities

We use industry standard mould fill and solidification process simulations via Magmasoft®.

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Our casting manufacturing aims are to offer you:

  • Production flexibility

  • Cost effective products

  • High levels of casting integrity

  • Close technical liaison and ongoing support

  • Superb surface finish

  • Close dimensional control

  • Compacted Graphite Irons

  • Complete supply options

  • Grey Iron

  • SG Iron –Ductile Iron

  • Ni Resist Cast Irons

  • Wear Resistant Irons

  • Austempered Ductile Iron and Carbidic Austempered Ductile irons


Full volume flexibility


Use of Magmasoft ® simulation software


Complex multi-cored casting


High integrity metallurgy


Full range of iron types and grades


Specialise in cast-in inserts and pipes


A range of cast steels including carbon and stainless steels


Offering design support with simulation capability

Size Range

Extensive size range up to 7000kg (dependent on grade)

HAV’s Policy

We monitor our employees involved in using vibratory equipment


Fully or Partly Machined Components via our approved sub contract partners


Surface Finishing, Heat Treatment and NDT with full Certification Capability