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Russell Ductile Castings Ltd have the following accreditations: ISO 9001, ISO 14001. This includes approval from Lloyds Register of Shipping and American Bureau of Shipping.

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Our multi-cell foundry offers a diverse range of castings weights. Foundry weights range from 10kg – 7,000kg in cast iron and 10kg -1,000kg in steel. At Russell Ductile Castings, the quality of our castings are of high importance. As a result, the team works closely with industries to produce high quality castings. Take a closer look to see how Russell Ductile can benefit your business.


Our quality assurance system includes; mechanical and chemical certification, heat treatment, chemical cleaning, NDT testing including radiography, MPI, ultrasonic and dye penetrant. All of the elements listed above meet both industry and customer specifications.

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We also have the capability to serial code your castings. As well as supply full traceability certifications, in order to meet customers' ISO9001 Quality System requirements.

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We use the facilities of CAD and the latest technology for our cast iron and cast steel simulation. With early dialogue and electronic data exchange with our clients, we’re able to offer practical advice to ensure technical and commercial criteria are optimised.

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Magmasoft® is an advanced computer aided solidification model. Using this model, our methods department minimises the risk of any process mistakes. This programme simulates both the moulding and cooling processes. It is also used for:

  • Optimising Iron and steel casting design

  • Feed design

  • Designing patterns

  • Quality expectations

Furthermore, we can accept the following formats for CAD based production; STP and IGES.

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    Russell Ductile operates from a 6.5-acre site in Scunthorpe. We manufacture low to medium volume specialised castings in a variety of iron types and grades.
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