About Russell Ductile Castings

Initially, Russell Ductile Castings Ltd focused on supplying cast steel to steel manufacturers and other engineering applications out of our original casting foundry.

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After becoming part of Chamberlin PLC group in 1999, the year 2000 saw Russell Ductile Castings build a second foundry in order to develop a compelling presence in the construction and energy markets. Further development and expansion in the business saw a third casting foundry established in 2009, sharing melting facilities with our second foundry.

Russell Ductile Castings Ltd is owned by Chamberlin PLC a public limited, a company listed on the London Alternative Investment Market. Chamberlin PLC Group consists of Russell Ductile Castings Ltd, Chamberlin & Hill Castings Ltd and Petrel Ltd.

Chamberlin & Hill Ltd

Our light castings foundry specialises in smaller castings up to approximately 30kg in weight, with complex internal shapes and fine tolerances requiring high levels of expertise. These castings and components are predominantly supplied into the automotive and hydraulics industries. In 2017, Chamberlin & Hill Ltd opened a 20,000sq ft. facility filled with state of the art machinery to support organisational growth and offer a fully integrated service for both existing and potential customers.

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Petrel Limited

Petrel concentrates on the development and production of certified lighting and control systems for use in hazardous environments. Utilising its many years of experience in manufacturing to supply high quality, innovative lighting solutions to the petrochemical and other industries. The same experience and skills are applied to its cable management product ranges, which are used in both domestic and industrial environments.

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