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Russell Ductile Castings replaces commemorative plaque at Scunthorpe Hospital

A tree planted by a prince in the grounds of Scunthorpe hospital has had a new replica plaque erected after its previous one went missing.

The plaque, which was erected 86 years ago, commemorated the planting of the tree by Prince George, (Duke of Kent) on the opening of the Nurses’ Home, when he visited the town in 1933.

Russell Ductile Castings came to the rescue after hearing about the missing memorabilia and produced a replica one.

The mystery came to light when Scunthorpe General Hospital’s materials management officer Steve Miller, a former employee of the casting company, noticed the plaque had gone missing.

The local company called in the help of Greenbank Patterns in Sutton-in-Ashfield who made a special template in order to create the new plaque.

Steve said: “I have worked at the Trust for more than 23 years and have always loved the fact we had a little slice of history in our hospital grounds in the form of a tree planted by a Prince.

“When I noticed the plaque was missing,  I immediately set about trying to get a new one produced as it is a piece of our history. I approached my old work colleagues to ask for their help and they worked their magic.”

Russell Ductile Castings site manager James Greaves said: “When Steve approached me about the plaque we knew we had to get involved. To be able to give something back to our local hospital that had been such a big moment in history is fantastic. We are a local company and knew we just had to come to the rescue.”