Specialising In The Production Of Iron And Steel Castings

Established in 1983, Russell Ductile Castings Ltd specialises in the production of high integrity iron and steel castings. Applying our skills and knowledge to the complex designs and technical requirements of castings.

Working closely with you to achieve the optimal casting product.

Our multi-cell foundry offers a diverse range of castings weights. As a result, our weights range from 10kg – 7,000kg in cast iron and 10kg -1,000kg in steel. Our customers are the core of our continued business development. We aim to improve our foundry’s products and casting expertise by investing in modern manufacturing techniques. As well as developing career training opportunities and committing to quality and environmental management systems. These organisational advancements enable Russell Ductile Castings Ltd to provide profound and cost-effective casting solutions to meet customer needs.

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We work closely with customer design engineers during the early stages of the casting design process. This ensures we’re able to provide a casting product which is fully fit for function. As a result, this maximises cost benefit and technical performance.


We are proud of the commitment and close partnerships we share our customers.


We use industry standard mould fill and solidification process simulations via Magmasoft®.

What We Offer

Operating from 6.5 acres, we manufacture low to medium volumes of specialised castings.

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If you have a question regarding our casting services, contact a member of the Russell Ductile Castings team.